Book of the Week: Jennifer Jones Won’t Leave Me Alone

Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me Alone
Published by Lerner Publishing Group 2003
Jennifer Jones is in love and she doesn’t care who knows it But the object of her affection sure does. He’s embarrassed by the love poems, the terms of endearment, the cute little red heart stickers, and especially the laughter and snickers from his classmates. He wishes that Jennifer Jones would just move away. And one day, she does There’s no more sickening stickers, no more silly poems–and no more fun. Does he actually miss Jennifer Jones?


This book has been a long standing favourite of mine for story time especially around this time of year:) It’s dramatic, rhyming, and lol funny and works well with the preschool age group as well as school- agers. I read it this past week at my reading buddies program and the kids loved it..well there was the occasional ewwww when I said the word “love” but I guess that can be expected:) I love how in the beginning the boy is embarrassed ┬áby Jennifer’s displays of adoration but then when she is gone he realizes just how much she meant to him… so sweet.

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