Spooktacular Halloween Books


Halloween is just around the corner and there are some wonderful “spooky” stories (and not so spooky stories) great for sharing!   Here are a few of my favourite books for Halloween:


Halloween Stories

For kids who like a scare….

Halloween Books

Suspenseful and creepy

Halloween Books

Mildly Spooky and one of my absolute favourites for story time at Halloween.

Halloween Books

For your much older and very brave schoolager


Books for Halloween

A review of this coming soon…Halloween Stories

Pumpkin Trouble

I am a fan of Jan Thomas! This one is silly and fun!


Do you have a favourite Halloween or spooky story from your childhood? What about one that you love to share?

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Summer Reading Club Class Visits

TD SRC-Imagine Class Visit Idea
   The Summer Reading Club is quickly approaching and I am gearing up for dozens of school visits in June. I love visiting the schools in my area or hosting their visits at the library. There is something special about having the opportunity to connect with the kids that I might not see on a regular basis at my library. By the end of June, I’ll have spoken to about 1800 kids.. (it’s exhausting just thinking about it) 🙂
Summer Reading Club Class Visits:
I enjoy coming up with ideas for presentations. Luckily, I have a fabulous co-worker who is willing to jump in and she makes brain storming and coming up with new ideas each year-easy & fun. Aside from the typical library spiel and a few other activities -we’ll be:
For our younger visitors:
We’re reading “Can you make a scary face?” by Jan Thomas…and acting it out.
For our older visitors:
Falling For Rapunzel
We are acting out  Falling for Rapunzel (with their participation of course)
Are class visits in June a part of your prep for SRC? What are you sharing with the kids?