Little Travellers

   In February I’m launching a new program at our library called “Little Travellers”©. It’s a program for ages 3-5, where I’ll feature a different country each week. I’m sooo excited about it and I really hope the children and parents enjoy what I have planned. Each week I’ll highlight stories, music, art, and games from a different country. I’ve even created little passports for the kids to decorate and stamp each week as we “travel” to different parts of the world.
One activity I created to encourage globe, and map exploration is a “pass the globe” game. I purchased a large inflatable globe and have placed a large sticker shape on Canada. Each week I’ll add a another sticker to show the country we’re visiting, we’ll pass/toss the globe around and each child will look for the stickers on the globe!
The Little Travellers program will be a great addition to the Little’s Series © I’ve created at our library
“Little Artists”, “Little Music Makers”, “Little Illustrators” and “Little Scientists” ©