Fancy Nancy Party at the Library!!

Today was the day for our Fancy Nancy Soiree (that’s a fancy word for party) at my library. 
We had 27 little girls and one boy dressed to the nines from the age of 3-8 join us for a morning of all things pink, sparkly and fabulous!
We began the event by handing out name tags which the kids could decorate. We sat for a story (Fancy Nancy of course) and then learned some new “fancy words” while putting our pinky out.
We then practised our posture with a walking fancy relay with sparkly pie plates on our heads. 
Followed by a fabulous fashion show where we showed off our fancy outfits.
The crafts (Tiaras, bracelets) were a big hit. The children (and their grown-ups) also loved the mini purses we made-you can see them in the picture above.
Here’s the pattern –Purse Pattern
One the favourite programs I’ve done in a while… a picture of myself and
my friend/co-worker in our fancy outfits.
I have the best job, where else could I play dress up all day?