Bubble Songs -Workshop

Workshop Pics
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I realized during my last workshop that I didn’t include the bubble songs I used for bubble time during the workshop!
Here are two of my favourites:

Catch a Bubble: (tune if you’re happy & you know it)

Can you catch a little bubble on your finger*?
Can you catch a little bubble on your finger?
Can you catch a little bubble, no it won’t be any trouble
Can you catch a little bubble on your finger?

-*replace with nose, head, toe etc to add more verses

Counting Bubbles

1 little, 2 little, 3 little bubbles,
4 little, 5 little, 6 little bubbles,
7 little, 8 little, 9 little bubbles
10 little bubbles going pop pop pop!

Site for Bubbles: Gymboree
Someone also mentioned this bubble machine works well too: Bubble Machine

A big thank you to all of you who attended the workshops! I loved spending time with you!


Additional Songs for Babytime Workshop

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There were a couple of songs from the workshop, that missed the hand out. Here they are below:

For use with the spider prop (or other animal prop)

Spider (to the tune of “If You Are Happy & You Know It”)

There’s a spider on my knee, on my knee,
There’s a spider on my knee, on my knee,
Oh I wonder if he’ll stay, or choose to crawl away,
There’s a spider on my knee, on my knee
(continue with different parts of the body)

Here is a Bunny

Here is a bunny,
with ears so funny,
and here is his hole in the ground,
with each sound he hears..
he pricks up his ears
and jumps….into his hole in the ground

I think that was it, if I’ve missed any, leave me a comment below and I’ll put the words up.


Baby Time Workshop

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Book of the Week: Tuck Me In! by Dean Hacohen

Tuck Me In!
Tuck Me In! Dean Hacohen 
Published by Candlewick September 2010
Who needs to be tucked in? Turn each page until all baby animals—and little readers—are cozy and ready for sleep in this irresistible bedtime ritual.

The stars are out. The moon is rising. All the baby animals, from peacocks to pigs to zebras, are ready for bed. Will you tuck them in and say good night? Just turn the pages and the big inviting flaps that serve as blankets cover each little creature up to its chin. This simple but endlessly satisfying novelty, with its array of goggle-eyed baby animals, bold patterns, and vibrant colors, is sure to be the book of choice for little ones everywhere, night after night.


The premise of the book is very simple. An animal on each page asked to be tucked in, and the pages turn into a blanket so that as you turn the page you tuck him in.
The illustrations are bright and bold, and the text very simple. I used it in my Ones  and Twos programs and it was a big success. I made felt pieces of each animal and cut squares for blankets. As I placed the animals on the board I invited the children to come up choose a “blanket” and place it over the animal. I’ve also used the book with animal figures and puppets, handed them out to each child with a blanket and when their animal is mentioned in the story it’s time to tuck theirs in. There are so many different ways to use the book… you could identify colours and do simple sorting with the blanket squares, animal identification, you could also talk about the steps to getting ready for bed…etc…love it!