Program of the Week (3) Reading Buddies Activities-Ugly Pie

Each Thursday I’ll be posting my favourite children’s program from the week. It could be a story time program, a schoolage program even programs for teens. 
Below the post each week you’ll be able to link up and share your favourite program from the week too! Please include a mention of the feature in your post and link back here too:)
 I thought this would be a fabulous way to share ideas.

“Program of the Week”

Reading Buddies Activities:
Reading Buddies is a weekly program at my library where children (schoolage) in grades 1-4 who need practice reading are paired with an adult or teen for assistance. It’s one of my favourite programs at the library as it’s a privilege to watch the growth in confidence in the children over the weeks.

I begin each week by welcoming the children and the volunteers. I usually of 12 in my program and a volunteer for each of them.
I read a book, and then offer an activity based on the book. The children are welcome to participate and complete the activity with their volunteer as well as their reading practice or spend the entire time reading together. Each program is 1 hour in length. 

The book for this week:

Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler: 

Lisa Wheeler

Oh how I love to read this book. I have used it in my Reading Buddies program in two different sessions and its always  a hit.  Bold colourful illustrations. Rhyming, lyrical text that just begs to be read aloud with a southern twang. After reading I invite the kids to “create” their own recipes and versions of “ugly pie” with their reading partners. We share them out loud together after reading time, and it’s so fun to hear what they come up with. 🙂 

Do you offer a Reading Buddies program or something similar at your library? Tell me about it in the comments section….


  1. Erin
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 09:14:55

    Love your blog background–so cute! I like this program idea. Do you register the kids so that they come back each week, or is it a drop-in program? Also, do you have the same volunteers each week? Do you do this year round or just in the summer? Thanks for sharing!


  2. Library Gal
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 18:21:30

    THanks so much-I love it too. Ours is a registered program usually 6-8 weeks with the same volunteers each week. We run it all year..very popular program….


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