Rhyme Time – Pea Pod

Five Little Peas

 I love using this rhyme with a variety of ages, but the ones and two’s seem to get the most excited about it.
Five little peas in a pea pod pressed (hold up five fingers)
One grew, two grew and so did all the rest. (one finger, two fingers and then the others)
They grew and they grew, they did not stop (growing action with hands)
they grew and they grew (growing action with hands)
until they all went POP!! (clap on the pop)

In Preschool story time, this rhyme makes a great extension with the book:
Little Pea
If Little Pea doesn’t eat all of his sweets, there will be no vegetables for dessert! What’s a young pea to do? Children who have trouble swallowing their veggies will love the way this pea-size picture book serves up a playful story they can relate to!

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