Story Time with Perfect Square (School-Age)

Perfect Square
Perfect Square by Michael Hall
Published by  Green Willow Books April 2011
A perfect square is transformed in this adventure story that will transport you far beyond 
the four equal sides of this square book. Aentire world out of one simple square. This ingenious picture book celebrates how creativity can change the way one looks at a basic shape . . . or the world itself.

A fab colleague of mine introduced me to the amazingness of this book.  I used for a reading buddies program this past summer which is for children in grades 1-4. But I really think the book would have great applications for all ages as well and would make a terrific art lesson.
Ideas to Extend the Book:
  • We provided metallic paper squares and had the children cut, rip and change them to create their own pictures. You could also take it a step further and have them create a story around their picture
  • Using Tangrams- Tangrams are a puzzle made of 7 flat pieces that you can put together to form a puzzle, there are many combinations. There is even a folktale to go along with how they were created.-http://www.tangrams.ca/puzzles/puzzles.htm

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