Spooktacular Halloween Books


Halloween is just around the corner and there are some wonderful “spooky” stories (and not so spooky stories) great for sharing!   Here are a few of my favourite books for Halloween:


Halloween Stories

For kids who like a scare….

Halloween Books

Suspenseful and creepy

Halloween Books

Mildly Spooky and one of my absolute favourites for story time at Halloween.

Halloween Books

For your much older and very brave schoolager


Books for Halloween

A review of this coming soon…Halloween Stories

Pumpkin Trouble

I am a fan of Jan Thomas! This one is silly and fun!


Do you have a favourite Halloween or spooky story from your childhood? What about one that you love to share?

Leave a comment below!

Fall Bucket List- Activities to Share With Family

Fall is my favourite season of the year. The temperature is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, Thanksgiving and Halloween are on their way. I saw this Fall Bucket List on pinterest  and I just had to to share it with you

Full credit goes to www.tinkerlab.com for creating this wonderful list of things to share with your family in Fall. The only activity missing is curling up with a great book!

Which activity are you looking forward to the most? Share it in the comments.

Fall Bucket List

Life Size Candy Land

Yesterday was the Fall Fun Fair at our community centre. One of the things I think is most amazing about the fair is that it’s offered free to all the families in our neighbourhood, from food to games to rides. Our library is attached to the community centre and we have a wonderful relationship with our neighbours. Each year we provide and host an activity in support of the fair.

I wanted to provide an activity that would include participation of all ages and that multiple people could play at once. I had seen different versions of Life Size board games over the internet including Candy Land and so last year with the help of staff and volunteers we worked to create props and the game itself. It was a huge success and we had lots of requests to offer it again.

From 1-4:30 yesterday we had the game set up in the centre’s gym and had a total of 451 people play. (not all at once of course) We saw all ages from parents carrying their infants through, kids, teens and even adults on their own:)

It’s a amazing what cardboard, construction paper, wooden dowels, a wheel and hard work can do. Below are  some pictures. We took them before the crowds arrived as photo release forms would have needed to be signed if we had taken pictures of anyone playing.

   LIfe Size Candy Land Life Size Candy Land   Candy Land  Life Size Board Games   Candy Land

Have you offered a life size board game?  Did I mention the 451 people that played? I’m exhausted!


Love to know your thoughts!

Program of the Week (2)-Family Storytime

Feature at Storytime with Jen
Introducing a new feature at Storytime with Jen
“Program of the Week”

Each Thursday I’ll be posting my favourite children’s program from the week. It could be a story time program, a school age program even programs for teens. 
Below the post each week you’ll be able to link up and share your favourite program from the week too! Please include a mention of the feature in your post and link back here too:)
 I thought this would be a fabulous way to share ideas.

Family Storytime: 

Can you Make a Scary Face?

Can You Make a Scary Face?

This summer’s reading club theme in Ontario is “Imagine” and this book by Jan Thomas is perfect for it.
It’s a wonderful participation book, and will get the whole family up and moving. I use this one to open the storytime. (there is a part in the book where everyone is invited to stand up and do the chicken dance!)

Not a Box

Not a Box
Not a Box by Antoinette Portis is the story of a rabbit that discovers a box only it’s not a box, it’s whatever he imagines it to be. After this story I show a small box and we all think (imagine) what else it could be…a boat? (we then sing row row your boat) a robot? (we stand up and act like robots.)..a space ship? we pretend to blast off into space.
Freeze Dance-one of my favourite games to play. Put on some great tunes (child friendly) and dance away!
Press Here

Press Here
Press Here by Herve Tullet is an interactive book.We followed the “instructions” in the book and the children and their grown ups loved it!