Summer Reading Club Class Visits

TD SRC-Imagine Class Visit Idea
   The Summer Reading Club is quickly approaching and I am gearing up for dozens of school visits in June. I love visiting the schools in my area or hosting their visits at the library. There is something special about having the opportunity to connect with the kids that I might not see on a regular basis at my library. By the end of June, I’ll have spoken to about 1800 kids.. (it’s exhausting just thinking about it) 🙂
Summer Reading Club Class Visits:
I enjoy coming up with ideas for presentations. Luckily, I have a fabulous co-worker who is willing to jump in and she makes brain storming and coming up with new ideas each year-easy & fun. Aside from the typical library spiel and a few other activities -we’ll be:
For our younger visitors:
We’re reading “Can you make a scary face?” by Jan Thomas…and acting it out.
For our older visitors:
Falling For Rapunzel
We are acting out  Falling for Rapunzel (with their participation of course)
Are class visits in June a part of your prep for SRC? What are you sharing with the kids?